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Balsall Common Methodist Church

228 Station Road, Balsall Common, Coventry, CV7 7EE

Rev'd Jane Braund
01676 533737


Dec 27th, 10:30 am – Rev'd Jane Braund

Jan 3rd, 10:30 am – Ms Alison Gee

Jan 10th, 10:30 am – Rev'd Jane Braund (Covenant)

Jan 17th, 10:30 am – Rev'd Stephen Willey

Jan 17th, 6:00 pm – Rev'd Jane Braund (Bless the Lord Service)

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"We are a community of people who gather in Coventry City Centre because we are passionate about Jesus Christ, and we have a heart for connecting with the community around us. We may not appear to be the most glamourous church out there but what matters most to us is that we are followers of Jesus.

We believe that Jesus shows us a unique way to live in the world, and we seek to model our lives based on his life and teachings. This is a life of humility, service, prayer, and close relationship with God. It's also a life of radical inclusion – which means sharing and living out God's love for the world and embracing all others regardless of their circumstances, status, politics or abilities.

We believe that no one is an accident, and that we're much more than a random assortment of molecules. We believe that God has a calling and purpose for every individual who responds to the love that is the source of creation. Central is a place where all are welcome, where lives can be transformed, and where everyone, from the most experienced churchgoer to the person who just popped in, can grow in the gifts and calling that God has given them.

No one is perfect. All have known suffering and experienced brokenness, despair, isolation and exclusion. We all have a path to walk and journey to travel with God. At Central, we strive to be a community that walks this road together. As we travel on, we share the hope Christ's places in us with one another and with the wider world. We don't offer all the answers, but we will make our best attempt to point you to the meaning, purpose, welcome and growth we discover in our faith.

'Our Mission is Nurturing faith, hope and love.'

Celebrating Black History Month at Coventry Central Hall

"This year's black history month, Coventry Central Hall would like to celebrate the invaluable contributions of black people to the community as well as to the larger inclusive Methodist church.

The event will be held on the Friday evening, 6th of October from 6:30pm until 9 pm.
As part of the programme, we shall have workshops throughout the month on the following dates and times;

  • 6th October/ Main Hall/ 6:30 – 9pm (BHM Launch event)
  • 7th October / Lower Hall / 2-5pm (Women Empowerment workshop)
  • 14th October/ Lower Hall / 2-5pm (African traditional drumming and dance accompanied with a fashion show to celebrate the African Culture)
  • 21st October/ Lower Hall / 2-5pm (Youth Empowerment workshop using music and art)
  • 28th October/ Main Hall / 3-7pm (Final Celebration & Embrace Festival) Making affirmations and making pledges towards contributing to a legacy of truth bearers among the youth.

As we celebrate this month, we seek to acknowledge the contribution that people of colour make in this society each day and show the younger generation a hope and faith in the future by showcasing art and conducting workshops that celebrate Black inventors, Black abolitionists, Black pioneers and Black African Kings and Queens.

Our theme is Truth Bearers. We invite you to celebrate the rebirth of our truths. The truths about the contribution of Black people, to humanity's achievements. The truths about our rich history that does not focus solely on slave trade. The truth we need to tell our youth is to believe that we can fight for opportunities to be great just like everyone else in society.

Black History Month is one attempt to change the narrative that so many young Black people hear. To remind them of the strong legacy that they can contribute to and stand on. One day, we will not need to celebrate Black History Month because the history of Black people will be part of the very fabric of our educational system. The truth bearers seek to reveal the hidden truth and create a legacy so that future generations will have a legacy that exists in plain sight." Ade Johnson

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